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Initially I studied English, Romance language and literature in Kassel / Germany and  took private singing and dancing lessons. After two years at the Opera Studio of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich I had my first engagements in Erfurt and Augsburg. These were followed by thriving work period stretching over several years at the Chemnitz Theatre, where I gradually acquired the juvenile-dramatic field of Wagner (Senta, Sieglinde, Gutrune, Elsa, Elisabeth, Venus) as well as parts as Manon Lescaut (Puccini), Minneleide (Die Rose vom Liebesgarten, Pfitzner), Chrysothemis, Marschallin, Arabella (Strauss).

At the same time my international career was developing. Concerts in Madrid (Sieglinde, 9 Symphony of Beethoven), Florence (Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth, Liszt), concerts in Salzburg Festspielhaus. In Sevilla I performed as Grete ( Der ferne Klang, Schreker) and Donna Clara (Der Zwerg, Zemlinsky).

At the State Theatre in Wiesbaden one could listen to my performance as Martha (Tiefland, d’Albert) and Agathe (Der Freischütz, Weber). The Cologne Opera House engaged me as Eva for the new production of „Meistersinger.“

On the same stage I also sang Sieglinde and Gutrune in complete ring cycles, as I did in a successful guest performance at the Opera House in Shanghai.

In a Barrie Kosky production I acted as Senta in „The Flying Dutchman“ at the Aalto-Theatre in Essen, where I was also heard as Marschallin and Venus.

In spring 2014 there was a a revival of Kosky`s production in Essen.

At the Bayreuth Festival in 2011 I debuted successfully as Elsa in „Lohengrin“. In direct connection to the Bayreuth Festival, I had the role of Senta in “ The Flying Dutchman“ under direction of Thorsten Fischer in Klagenfurt. 2012 I was hired by the Landestheater Linz for the role of the Marschallin in „Der Rosenkavalier“.

On the occasion of the 200th Wagner anniversary in 2013 I performed as Elizabeth in „Tannhäuser“ at the Wagner Festival in Wels. Later I sang in the roles of Elisabeth and Venus in Chemnitz,additionally in the autumn I performed again at the Wartburg.

From November, I was heard in the Amsterdam Ring production as 3rd Norn and Gutrune.

In January 2014 I sang the part of the Marschallin in a resumption of the „Rosenkavalier“ production at the Landestheater Linz. Afterwards I performed the role of Senta, in the resumption of the legendary „Flying Dutchman“ by Barrie Kosky at the Aalto Theater in Essen.

In February 2014 I performed again for the audience in Amsterdam with the Götterdämmerung – to experience 3rd Norn and Gutrune.

In the course of 2014 I was on the road continuously in the footsteps of Richard Wagner. In Freiburg I performed as Elisabeth in „Tannhäuser“ and later in the same production as Venus in England.

In Chemnitz and at the Wartburg I played the role of Venus and Elisabeth in „Tannhäuser“.

In the same year I sang again as Senta in the Wagner Festival in Wels and in the context of a guest performance in Lodz / Poland.

At the opening gala in Zagreb I had the part of the Marschallin in „Der Rosenkavalier“. At the end of 2014 I sang the last 4 songs of Richard Strauss for the first time.

In 2015, commitments led me initially to Linz „Rosenkavalier“ in the further course of the Wartburg „Tannhäuser“ and later with “ The Flying Dutchman “ at the Wagner Festival.

In early summer I took part in a staging of Franz Schreker’s „Der Ferne Klang“ at the Mannheim National Theatre. I sang there in the role of Grete with the conductor Dan Ettinger and directed by Tatjana Gürbaca.

In the autumn I sang as Elsa in „Lohengrin“ at the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Following the „Tannhäuser“ at the Wartburg I sang 2 concerts together with the Meiniger Hofkapelle: 1. part of the „Walküre“ as Sieglinde with Andreas Schager as Siegmund and the „4 last songs“ by Richard Strauss.

2016 is marked again by Richard Wagner’s work. I will sing in „The Flying Dutchman “ in Essen and will be heard again on the Wartburg in „Tannhäuser“.

My year 2017 was again strongly influenced by the works of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss, Salome in Linz, Tannhäuser at the Wartburg and various stand ins.

At the Staatstheater Darmstadt a resumption series of the Cologne production of „Flying Dutchman“ took place in the staging of Dietrich Hilsdorf and the conducting of Will Humburg.

This year I will be back in the works of Wagner and Strauss. Salome, Marschallin, Senta, Sieglinde, Venus, Elisabeth and a new part of „Loriot’s Brünnhilden“ in his special ring.

I’m really looking forward to my first Fidelio as Leonore.

In addition, I am currently preparing for „Ariadne“, „Tosca“ and the „Wozzeck“ Marie.